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“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of.” – Roy T. Bennett
Kula Adventures 

Hi There, I'm Jodye!  I take people just like you on adventure yoga retreats that inspire, empower and help them to remember who they are deep inside.  

Kula, or “community” in Sanskrit, lies at the heart of my mission. On my retreats, I am dedicated to creating a vibrant sense of community among my guests, and also providing opportunities make a difference in the communities we visit.

Why yoga?

10 years ago I was invited to a yoga class, and it changed my life. I was sandwiched between aging, ill parents, a job and raising young children living with life-long, chronic health issues. I felt like I was barely hanging on.

My new yoga practice helped me to feel emotionally and physically healthier, stronger, and more balanced. And for the first time in my life, I felt like I was a part of a real, authentic community. I teach because I want to share these gifts of yoga with as many people as possible. 

My yoga practice helps me to show up as my highest and most authentic self for my community and family.

Why did you start Kula Adventures?

I'm so glad you asked! During that stressful and challenging time in my life, I escaped to my first yoga retreat. I experienced how the combination of traveling, eating nourishing food, having an adventure, meeting new like-minded people, rich conversations and practicing yoga was life changing on so many different levels. I decided right then that some day, I would provide the same opportunity for others who desperately needed it. 

Why did you name your company Kula Adventures?

Kula is Sanskrit for community. Community is my #1 value (cue Brene Brown!). Once I had a taste of how wonderful being in a community is, I wanted to give others the same opportunity. On my retreats, I want my guests to feel like they are part of a community. 


We also contribute directly to the communities we visit. Last July we donated a much-needed projector, medical supplies and money to a local women's health organization in Ollantaytambo Peru, Sacred Valley Health. Check them out! We've also donated coats to communities in the high Andes, and flea treatment and other pet supplies to shelters in Aruba and other Caribbean locations. 

What about your personal life?

I'm a wife, mom to two daughters, aged 22 and 24, and a cat.  I love to hike, read, dance and play badminton and pickleball.

Guest Review!

My husband and I both attended Jodye’s very first Peru adventure/yoga retreat, and we are still feeling the effects of this magical land and Jodye’s magical ability to create love, joy and community wherever she goes!


We felt so safe and comfortable due to Jodye’s meticulous planning and the beautiful people that she employed, lifelong friends she acquired during her many trips to Peru. The hotels we visited were beautiful and cozy, with delicious, healthy, fresh food, amazing massage, hot tea waiting in your room, fires in the courtyard. Jodye had everything prepared and booked in advance, allowing the entire group to effortlessly enjoy beautiful hikes, drives, train rides, meals, parades, picnics, and meanderings through skinny, stone streets.


I would absolutely recommend this trip! Jodye told me going to Peru would change me, and she was right! I was so inspired by the colors and the culture, the farming and the community, that I came home and wrote songs about Peru, and painted pictures of Peru! I hadn’t felt creative for years! Peru, the Peruvian people, the terraced mountains, the Sacred Valley, and Pachamama are forever imprinted in my heart.


My husband and I would never have planned a trip like this for ourselves and I am so grateful for all of Jodye’s hard work and passion to make it a really magical experience. I couldn’t understand why Jodye would choose to visit Peru so often, with all of the amazing places in this world to visit. Now I understand! I have had only a tiny taste of Peru and all its miracles and I can’t wait to return!

Trust Jodye’s magic! --Rebecca W.

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Guest Review!

This trip was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. THANK YOU JODYE!

Jodye's thoughtfulness and attention to detail made the whole process easy from the moment I booked. If I needed anything at any time, Jodye was there.

This trip exceeded every expectation I had. I feel like I got to really experience Peru, not just visit or see, but experience.  This trip was packed full of adventure and fun! From cooking classes, to hiking, to fancy picnics, to dancing on trains with a live band, the fun didn't stop! And neither did the food!

Our local guides Hugo and Abraham with Cusco Local Friend were so knowledgeable and kind, and I learned so much about Peruvian culture and history.

Peru is amazing, and this retreat is amazing! I am forever grateful for Jodye and this experience!!

-- By Brooke Q,  Epic Yoga Adventure Retreat in Peru, July 2023

Guest Reviews!

"This was the most magical trip I've ever been on! Jodye is such a loving, thoughtful, and passionate leader. I felt so well taken care of by Jodye and she provided all the information I needed to be well prepared for the trip.


Over the course of 12 days, our retreat group became a family. Jodye crafted community so beautifully and in the most beautiful, sacred place--Peru! Her knowledge of the area, and with the help of her loving local friends, cultivated breathtaking experiences for us that I will never forget.


I will absolutely be signing up for more of Jodye's yoga adventure retreats in the future! Thank you to Jodye Hall, owner and founder of Kula Adventures, for carefully planning and hosting this life-changing retreat." - Marissa L. 

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